Tank Trouble Deathmatch – Test Your Battle Skills

Tank Trouble Deathmatch; Test Your Battle SkillsIf you love playing war games, then you should definitely check your battling skills in Tank Trouble Deathmatch. The game is fun and you can progress in the game by shooting the tanks of your enemy, but you only need to shoot once. There are several versions to play the game; There are either 2 or 3 players’ version. Choose your favorite color tank (blue, green or red) and get ready to test your battle skills. It’s a very popular game and you can have an amazing time, by testing your battle skills.

Instructions of the game

Tank Trouble game contains various interesting levels. Your goal in this game is to try to blow up one another. In fact, you need to shoot the other players before the shoot you. Keep in mind though that you only need to shoot once, in order to kill your enemy. You would have to shoot many tanks. The different levels of the game become more difficult by the gradual increase of the number of tanks you would need to face. Moreover, as you move to more advanced levels, the game becomes harder in shooting the tanks of your enemy. Tanks can destroy each other with bullets, as well as all the other weapons that are available for this game, like frag bombs, lasers, missiles and death rays. The mazes also become more complex in every level. You need to remember also that the next level is achieved when there is only one tank left.

Basic controls of this game

red-logo-of-gameYou need to remember the various controls and use them certain strategies to move on. For example:

– Use missiles in a place where they can’t reflect back on to you.

– If a missile is after you, it’s better to go towards an enemy, in order to change the target of the rocket.

– Stay away from lasers, because they can be really hard to avoid.

The game is very simple to play and you do not need to know wide range of controls. In addition, you need to remember that if you play this battling game by yourself you have the red that and be careful to make use of the various arrow keys, in order to be able to move forward. For example, you can use the space key for targeting and being able to shoot your enemy. Keep also in mind that there is a wide variety of exceptional weapons in the game and you need to choose the most suitable for you, in order to win the game.

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